Incubating Incubators Initiative

Build the future of entrepreneurship

The Incubating Incubators Initiative (i-Cube) empowers incubators to become powerhouses of innovation, equipping them with the tools and expertise to cultivate thriving startups

We do this by

Fueling the Future

At i-Cube, our mission is to democratize entrepreneurship by catalysing the foundation of startup ecosystems—incubators. We are committed to creating a fair landscape where every entrepreneur has access to the resources they need to thrive.

Proven Practice for Local Impact

We connect industry best practices with regional demands. Our programs, crafted by academia and industry experts, are specifically designed to empower incubators focusing on specific sectors and utilizing the strengths of the local geography.

Multiplying Success

By empowering incubators, we generate a multiplier effect, cultivating a network of prosperous innovation hubs that nurture pioneering startups in far corners of the country.

Who this is for?

Host Organisations (Universities, Corporates and Foundations) seeking to improve their programs, access resources, and better support startups.

Regional innovation hubs or industry-specific incubators seeking tailored programs to address their unique needs.

Unlock Your Incubator’s Potential

Discover how i-Cube can help your incubator foster a dynamic startup ecosystem.