“The Little Things” Do Matter, The Most

The little things can truly make a BIG impact.

Sophia Philips built her long-dreamt project on this conviction, with a resolve to bring together science and psychology to help identify and address potential challenges in relationships.

She honed her skills in Psychology through a degree from Christ College Bangalore, with courses on Counselling supported by NIMHANS and Indian Institute of Psychology and Research.  Sophia is a Master of Science, Communications from Manipal University. Having been exposed to diverse experience in the corporate, NGO and advertising spheres, she mustered the grit and versatility to become an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur driven by an ardour for enriching and enhancing relationships for a lifetime.

The Little Things India

While connecting deeply with individuals, she realized that most often people with issues do not reach out to the right people at the right time for help. There is also a stigma attached to counselling that makes one hesitate to meet a counsellor when there is a need for clarity. She realized that there is a great need for an educational model in relationship enhancement. Thus, by creating safe spaces for dialogues on relationships, The Little Things, conceptualized in February 2018 is based on the principle of early intervention and psycho education. The collective comprising of certified counsellors, mind coaches, financial and communication experts, work towards laying a good foundation for relationships with a special focus on marriage. Her team carefully research, collate and present the best of little things people can do effortlessly to ensure big differences in their relationship with themselves and with those around them.

NSRCEL, a felicitous affiliation

Sophia was truly bewildered during the initial phase of this maiden journey into a space where there are no other players to emulate. During her incubation at NSRCEL, she soared to great heights with superlative mentors being the wind beneath her wings. The guided direction and validation stemmed from the eye-opening sessions nourished her to move forward.

With an assertive tone of command, she says, “Being a woman is actually a great strength. Draw on the fact that, as a woman, you can do business with sensitivity and sensibility.”

To know more head over to https://thelittlethings.org.in/


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