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Building a Collaborative Ecosystem

NSRCEL and Micelio Mobility partners to empower clean mobility startups in India  With Micelio Mobility onboard as our e-mobility Ecosystem partner, we look to help...

Visitors at NSRCEL

Setting the Tone for Co-creation and Impact

Meet the visitors we’ve interacted with during the past two months at NSRCEL! Pitching and Selling to a Global Audience with Tal Catran Here’s looking back to when we hosted...

Mentor Feature

Meet the Mentor

NSRCEL has been at the epicenter of all things entrepreneurship but have you ever wondered how we kickstarted our journey towards building the hub of entrepreneurial activity...

Events at NSRCEL

Programs in Focus

Driving Impact and Engagement

From MVP to MMPs and beyond.  If you are an early-stage startup looking to commercialize and find early adopters, Velocity - the Incubation Program at NSRCEL, is your...

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