​Incubation Program

A CSR initiative by DailyRounds

Supporting health sector entrepreneurs on their prototype to product journey

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Healthcare Incubation Program

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NSRCEL in collaboration with DailyRounds is supporting early-stage healthcare startups in the ideation to proof-of-concept stage that have the potential to increase access and affordability of healthcare in India.

Our structured incubation program provides comprehensive support to healthcare innovators and entrepreneurs, guiding them from the ‘lab to the market’.

Who is it for?

Healthcare Innovators

Individuals or small teams with pioneering ideas addressing significant healthcare challenges through new treatment methods, unique healthcare delivery systems, or innovative medical research.

Health Tech and Digital Health Startups

Startups leveraging advanced technology to enhance healthcare delivery, improve patient outcomes, and increase operational efficiencies through telemedicine platforms, AI-driven diagnostic tools, health data analytics etc.

Biotech and MedTech Startups

Companies focused on biotechnological advancements and creating medical devices that improve diagnostics, therapeutic procedures, or patient monitoring by developing of new drugs, vaccines, gene therapies, other biological products etc.

Public Health and Affordable Healthcare Solutions

Initiatives addressing public health issues, particularly improving healthcare access in underserved communities, and startups reducing healthcare costs through innovative business models and technologies, focusing on preventive care, health education, community health interventions etc.

Elderly and Chronic Care Startups

Innovations targeting the needs of elderly patients and those with chronic conditions by care management solutions, remote monitoring systems, assistive technologies, and chronic disease management programs.

Who is eligible?

Program Highlights

Access to product innovation labs, lab suites, workspace

Curated online sessions and masterclasses from sector and industry experts

One-On-One Mentoring

Regulatory, IP, legal and finance advisory

Access to the hospital network 

Investor Connects

Grants upto Rs 1 Cr for select ventures 

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Getting Started 

I am just starting up, am I ready for Healthcare Incubation?

We are looking for the health care ventures in the ideation to early revenue stage. So, yes. You are ready for the incubation Program. 

Does the program focus on specific sectors or geographies?

We are looking for health care startups who are-
1. Healthcare Innovators
2. Health Tech and Digital Health Startups
3. Biotech
4. Medtech
5. Public Health
6. Startups in Affordable Healthcare
7. Elderly and Chronic Care

We are looking startups PAN India.

Can a single founder apply to the program?

Yes. We accept applications from solo founders.  

When can I apply?

We are open for applications. Submit your applications here.

What do you look for in an applicant?

Founders are required to be committed to their idea full-time and must demonstrate the ability and entrepreneurial mindset to build and grow an organization.

I have two ideas? Can I submit two applications?

Each applicant must apply with a single idea 

What stage should the startup be in to be eligible?

We are open for startups from Idea stage to Early Revenue stage (with <12 lacs ARR)

Do we receive any funding?

The selected startups will receive the Grants up to 1 Cr.

Where will the program take place?

The program is fundamentally online. However, we are planning one week of an in-person program here in Bangalore, subject to the COVID situation and permissions. 

What will I learn from this program?

We have designed the program to provide you with access to product innovation labs, lab suites, bench space, curated online sessions and masterclasses from sector and industry experts, one-on-one mentoring, regulatory, IP, legal and finance advisory, access to hospital network and investor connect, and grant opportunities.

Do I need to be present for the entire duration of the program?

Yes. We highly recommend that the participants attend all the sessions to benefit from the sessions and workshops designed for the program. 

During Program

How long is the program for?

Healthcare Incubation Program is for 4 months.

How many team members can attend the program?

2 members including a founder can attend the program.  

Is there a fee that needs to be paid to participate?

No, there is no fee charged as a part of the program.

How many hours will I have to spend in the program, in a week?

We schedule sessions, workshops and interactions that may amount to 6-8 hours a week.