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India’s largest social impact incubator.

We incubate For-Profit & Non-profits for impact

NSRCEL’s Impact Orbit program support Tech-enabled Social Innovations that demonstrate a potential business model to innovate, implement and create social impact, looking for scale and sustained business model.       

The program incubates early to growth stage For-profit and Non-Profit ventures with high-growth potential to build scalable models for sustained impact. ​ 


Sectors in Focus

We are sector agnostic and are open to support tech innovations with a sustained social impact. Our sectors in focus include:

Circular Economy and Climate Tech

Tech-Enabled Social Innovations

Our Impact So Far

What to expect?

Clarity in Value Proposition and Business Models

Alternate sources of funding and Fundraising Readiness

Impact Metrics Readiness


Hear from our ventures

Anand Gopakumar

⇐TAP (The Apprentice Project)

“TAP was incubated at NSRCEL from 2018 to 2020. I would say we learned the pillars and fundamentals of building a social startup from NSRCEL, and the support from Archana ma’am was especially important for us to quantifiably measure social and emotional skills, which we set out to do. Naga sir was very important in our journey, pushing us to look for scale and larger big-picture thinking. We also had sessions with multiple industry experts on various topics… All in all, I would say that NSRCEL has done a stellar job as an incubator.”

Suhas Ramegowda

⇐Indian Yards

“We are accidental entrepreneurs who ended becoming entrepreneurs while solving a social problem that we stumbled upon. Not having a background in ‘businesses or entrepreneurship, there indeed was a skill gap. NSRCEL came in at the right time to fill in that gap. Not just with the academic content but also giving access to their rich eco-system of mentors, alumni and partners. It’s been a great run for us with NSRCEL and we feel fortunate to have this association.”

Divya Hegde

⇐TiP Sessions

“They never dilute your vision. This is what I respect most about NSRCEL. The social cohort team is the most grounded and approachable set of people I have worked with so far. As entrepreneurs we were different hats to deal with different stakeholders, never dropping our guard or exposing our vulnerabilities. This institution is one of the few places where you get to drop the mask, show your vulnerability and truly learn. They will guide you and hand hold you when the need arises (don’t mistake it for molly coddling) and they’ll pull in their networks and resources if you have clarity on what you need. If you don’t have clarity, then that is what they will work with you on shaping. But they will not force you to compromise your vision/principles. They have connected me to very important organizations and mentors and this has played a crucial role in molding my perspective and potential funds too! With an arsenal of in-house and crucial external mentors, the NSRCEL team at IIM pulls out all stops when you are ready to put in sincere time and effort.”


Who is eligible to apply?

For-Profit and Non-Profit Tech-enabled registered ventures that have been in operation for more than a year with a sustained social impact meeting the following criteria:

  • Early revenue to Growth stage, with proven POCs or Pilots  
  • Tech-enabled/ tech-driven or digitally inclusive innovations solving social problems  
  • Impact First ventures with the direct potential to impact at least 3 SDGs  
  • Sector Agnostic with preference given to sectors directly impacting SDGs & HDIs  
  • Sectors including but not limited to Education, Healthcare, Livelihoods, and Environment. 
I have applied in the past for a different program. Can I apply again?

Sure, but to improve your chances of selection, do highlight additional information on the progress you have made since your previous application.  


When can I apply?

The application portal is open from 1st November 2022 to 25th November 2022. The intake happens once a quarter. You can also stay tuned to this space and our social media handles to know more about upcoming cohorts. 

What can I expect in the incubation program?

We work on all aspects of an entrepreneur and venture journey with a need-based approach.  


What does NSRCEL expect from you?

We expect you to be an active participant in all the efforts we put to nurture your venture.

What is the duration of the Incubation?

The cohort lasts for 6 months but it does not end there, you will then be a part of our NSRCEL ecosystem. 


Does the program focus on specific sectors or geographies?

We consider applications from across all sectors and geographies across India. 

Where will the program take place?

The program takes place in a hybrid format, most of the engagement will be virtual with physical events/meetups often taking place in Bangalore or other cities.

Will my startup get funding in the process?

The program does not ensure funding for your enterprise at this point in time, we will keep you posted on this over the period of incubation. Through the program, you get to pitch for grants and access connects to various VCs within NSRCEL’s vast network.  

My question is not answered here. What do I do?

    We will reply to all your queries within 2 working days of emailing us at  


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