Launchpad Startup Program

The perfect platform for your company to become investment-ready

Launchpad is a 3-month program designed to help your startup move from an idea to implementation stage 

For an aspiring entrepreneur, building the foundation to turn a business idea into an up and running startup might seem to be daunting at first. With this program, entrepreneurs can access workshops and reviews, interact with our panel of mentors and industry experts, network with the NSRCEL community and explore opportunities that help you build a clear and customer-focused startup from scratch. 

Who is it for?

If you are someone seeking the right nurturing ground to build knowledge and skills that help you accelerate from an idea stage to implementation stage, this program is the right fit for you! 

Launchpad is targeted towards early-stage startups from across all sectors in the ideation or prototyping stage with the potential to innovate, implement and create. 

Application Process


Apply for the program using the application form attached here


We will then reach out to you for a conversation to understand more about you and your startup idea


Post this, you will get the opportunity to pitch your business idea to the NSRCEL Team 

Please Note:

  • Applicants will be shortlisted based on the viability of the idea and the proposed solution to the problem proposed to be solved 
  • Selected ventures will enter the 3-month pre-incubation program.

What to expect?

Clarity on Solution Market Fit

Clarity on Product Solution Fit

Clarity on Product Market Fit

Clarity on Governance

Key Mentors

Anand Iyer

COO – 5C Network, Leadership Coach and Startup Mentor

Aarti B Iyer

Marketing and Business Strategist, Co-Founder – M2 Games

Abhiram Katta

VC and Director, Endiya Partners

Alexander Valiyaveettil John

CEO – Cynapto Technologies, Director – Vvaleti MSPL and Angel Investor

Dharmender Khanna

Angel Investor and Ex-Vice President – SSIPL Retail Ltd

Gopal Rao Addanki

Consultant VC and Member of the Board of Advisors – United Efforts

Harsha Mutt

Independent Consultant Ex-Head of Solution – Financial Servies, HCL Technology

Kalpana Desigan

Head of Product – Business Operations, Postman

Malavika R Harita

Founder and CEO – Brand Circle

Mini Muralidhar

Ex Vice President – Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd

Mohan Sundaram

CEO – ARTILAB Foundation, President – Disability NGOs Alliance Trustee and Board Member – APD Bangalore

Muralidhar Srinivasan 

Consultant Director – Trusted Shares and Investments Ltd

Prapulla Sandeep

Consultant and Ex Director –  SBU Head, Cognizant

Nagaraja Prakasam

Angel Investor, Startup Mentor and Fund Advisor

Randhir Mishra


Sanjay Sharma

Serial Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

Suman Sasmal

Ex-VP and Head of Delivery, Infosys

Venkatesh Hulikal

Business Leader, Startup Mentor, Technology and Strategy Advisor

Program Highlights

Cohort Based Learning

Participation in area specific workshops conducted by industry experts and engagement with peers from across sectors that foster learning

    Area-specific Guidance

    Launchpad offers weekly mentorship sessions, focused attention for 3 months.

      Access to the NSRCEL Network

      Access to a well-knit community of NSRCEL alumni, partners and stakeholders

        Access to the NSRCEL Startup Kit

        With exclusive discounts, credits etc from partners like AWS, RazorpayX, Stripe, Zoho and many more


          Hear from our Ventures

          Shantanu Bhede

          Launchpad helped us grow as founders, we learnt more with Launchpad in 3 months than we did in the 3 years of our entrepreneurial journey. If you are a first-time or even a seasoned founder, make sure you invest 3 months of your time in the program as it is invaluable. The NSRCEL team is always at the top of their feet to support us in our journey!

          ➲ Co-Founder,

          Launchpad provided us with an extremely nurturing environment, supporting us through a very daunting journey as first-time startup founders. The mentors and team are patient and go to every possible length to troubleshoot, provide resources and be sounding boards to bounce off ideas.

          Arshad M

          ➲ Founder, Unicornready Technologies

          Launchpad is the right place for early-stage startups looking for the right guidance and training from the industry’s best professionals and academics. Launchpad helped us in learning advanced business tools, systems, and management principles. NSRCEL ensured we implemented those to improve our overall performance with this program


          Getting Started 

          I am just starting up, am I ready for Launchpad?

          We are looking for ventures in the ideation and prototyping stage. So, yes. You are ready for Launchpad. 

          Does the program focus on specific sectors or geographies?

          We are sector agnostic and are open to early-stage ideas from across the country.

          Can a single founder apply to the program?

          Yes. We accept applications from solo founders.  

          When can I apply?

          We are open for applications all year round. Submit your applications here.

          What do you look for in an applicant?

          Founders are required to be committed to their idea full-time and must demonstrate the ability and entrepreneurial mindset to build and grow an organization.

          I have two ideas? Can I submit two applications?

          Each applicant must apply with a single idea 

          What stage should the startup be in to be eligible?

          Apart from early-stage startups that demonstrate the potential to innovate, implement and create, we also welcome ideas from potential entrepreneurs wanting to start their own businesses.  

          Do we receive any funding?

          No, you will not be receiving any funding under this Program 

          Where will the program take place?

          The program is fundamentally online. However, we are planning one week of an in-person program here in Bangalore, subject to the COVID situation and permissions. 

          What will I learn from this program?

          We have designed the program to cover multiple topics under the large theme of Product Solution Fit, Product Market Fit and Solution Market Fit.   

          Do I need to be present for the entire duration of the program?

          Yes. We highly recommend that the participants attend all the sessions to benefit from the sessions and workshops designed for the program. 

          I applied in the past. Can I apply again?

          Sure, but do highlight any additional information of your progress since your application for a previous cohort, to improve your chances of selection

          During Launchpad 

          How long is the program for?

          Launchpad program is for a period of 100 days. 

          How many team members can attend the program?

          2 members including a founder can attend the program.  

          Is there a fee that needs to be paid to participate?

          No, there is no fee charged as a part of Launchpad.

          How many hours will I have to spend on LP, in a week?

          We schedule sessions, workshops and interactions that may amount to 6-8 hours a week.  

          Contact us