Exploring Behind the Seams: How This Startup is Crafting an Eco-Fashion Movement

Ecokaari, born from the fusion of ‘Eco’ signifying eco-friendliness and ‘Kaari’ representing artisan craftsmanship, symbolizes the symbiotic relationship between artisans and the environment. Founded by Nandan Bhatt, it stands as a social enterprise dedicated to promoting sustainability while empowering livelihoods. Impressively, Ecokaari has repurposed a staggering 28,00,000 pieces of plastic into upcycled creations. 

Nandan, an ardent trekker, was dismayed by the sight of single-use plastic littering the trails, spoiling the natural beauty. Witnessing waste pickers scavenging for profitable plastic bottles while disregarding wrappers due to their low value prompted him to address this overlooked issue. 

Fueled by this passion, Ecokaari, a startup of NSRCEL from the Emerging Consumer Brands Incubation Program was established to upcycle discarded non-biodegradable plastics like bags, wrappers, and cassette tapes. Nandan detailed the meticulous process involved, emphasizing the careful sorting, washing, sanitizing, and sun-drying of plastics before expertly weaving them into fabric using traditional methods. 

At the heart of Ecokaari’s mission lies the dual goal of repurposing single-use plastics and empowering marginalized women. Through strategic partnerships and dedicated efforts, Ecokaari collects waste materials, transforming them into exquisite handwoven fabrics. Ecokaari was incubated at NSRCEL as part of the Consumer Program supported by ICICI Securities. These products, thoughtfully designed and quality-checked, reach both local and global markets, reflecting Ecokaari’s impactful reach. 

Beyond its environmental initiatives, Ecokaari aims to rejuvenate India’s traditional handloom sector, providing vital opportunities for rural artisans. Supporting 85 artisans, Ecokaari champions financial independence and community prosperity by purchasing waste plastic from local collectors. 

Through its innovative approach, Ecokaari transcends sustainability, turning plastic waste into stylish and practical items. As it leads this sustainable journey, Ecokaari remains committed to preserving India’s rich textile heritage while shaping a greener, more equitable future.

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