How this Delhi-based Mobility Startup is Democratizing Electric Mobility for the underserved  

In the thriving landscape of urban mobility, one startup is pedaling its way to a sustainable future. Accelero Vehicles India Private Limited, a proud member of the Sustainability Incubation Cohort by NSRCEL and Alstom, is not just redefining transportation; they’re shaping a movement that’s powered by purpose and passion. 

Accelero’s mission is simple yet profound: to make motorized mobility accessible and affordable to all. With eBik, they’re not just offering electric bicycles; they’re ushering in a new era of eco-friendly commuting that’s within everyone’s reach. Within the eBik line, representing “Electric Banayenge India Ko,” the company offers three distinct products: electric cycles, conversion kits for thela rickshaws, and conversion kits for passenger rickshaws. The electric cycles cater primarily for the underserved communities of milkmen, hawkers, and carpenters, facilitating their daily commutes. Meanwhile, the conversion kits for thela rickshaws are designed for load-bearing purposes, capable of transporting 700-800kgs of goods for daily trade. 

At the heart of Accelero’s vision lies their flagship product, eBik, an electric bicycle designed to transform the way people commute. What sets eBik apart is its affordability coupled with eco-friendliness, making it a game-changer in a world seeking sustainable alternatives.

The impact of Accelero’s innovation extends far beyond just reducing carbon footprints. With over 1500+ users across Delhi and Uttar Pradesh covering 1 million kilometers and saving 300+ tonnes of CO2 emissions, eBik is not just a mode of transport; it’s a catalyst for change.

Accelero’s ethos centers on democratizing electric mobility, particularly for marginalized communities. Their commitment to cutting-edge technology, diverse financing options, and customer support highlights their resolve to advance sustainable transportation initiatives.


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