How This Founder is Creating Safer Spaces: Circles of Safety’s Impact on 13,000 Children and Parents

Did you know that every other child in India is sexually abused, often by someone they trust? It’s a harsh reality we can’t ignore. But Anuja Amin is determined to change that. She’s leading the charge in sensitizing communities and providing early intervention through comprehensive education.  

Meet Anuja, the founder of Circles of Safety, a startup of Women Startup Program at NSRCEL on a mission to ensure every child grows up in a world where safety and knowledge go hand in hand. Anuja’s initiatives encompass a range of interventions, each aimed at cultivating a culture of safety and awareness. Consider the “Safer, Smarter Me” program, tailored for adolescents from grades five to twelve. Through interactive workshops and open discussions, Anuja and her team address typically taboo topics like puberty, healthy relationships, consent, and more, creating a supportive environment for students to express their questions and concerns.  

Anuja and her team also partner with early childhood centres to empower their educators and counsellors in nurturing body literacy among children from an early age. This crucial effort is poised to dismantle toxic cycles and pave the way for an inclusive, respectful world for future generations.  

Moreover, Anuja emphasizes the pivotal role of parents and teachers in the journey toward child safety. Through carefully designed teacher training sessions, parent orientation programs, and awareness campaigns, Anuja and her team ensure that the entire community is equipped to support and nurture children in their growth. Through its various workshops Circles of Safety has worked with about 13,000 children and 9000 adults, including parents.  

Anuja’s passion for child safety is deeply rooted in her journey as a survivor of child sexual abuse. Motivated by a desire to break the cycle of shame and silence, she embarked on a mission to empower children and equip them with the tools to recognize and report abuse. 

Navigating the transition from a passion project to a sustainable business has been a journey fraught with challenges. Anuja’s journey with NSRCEL’s Women Startup Program provided her with a structured framework to objectively evaluate her business idea and with sheer perseverance and adaptability, she transformed her venture into a viable entity, embracing a philosophy of gradual and sustainable growth guided by customer needs. 

Anuja’s impact extends beyond geographical boundaries, with collaborations spanning cities like Bangalore, Chennai, and beyond. Through a collaborative model focused on lasting outcomes, Circles of Safety has touched the lives of thousands of children and adults, fostering a culture of safety, awareness, and empowerment. 

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