From MVP to MMPs and beyond. 

If you are an early-stage startup looking to commercialize and find early adopters, Velocity – the Incubation Program at NSRCEL, is your place to be! With 8 ventures from across sectors including beauty, agri-tech, healthcare, ed-tech, motor vehicles, and much more, we successfully kicked off cohort one of Velocity at NSRCEL.

At Velocity, we incubate companies and back founders with the potential to build and grow an organization. We aim to help these startups gain velocity and fuel their ability to grow into trusted and well-known brands of today.

Celebrating growth and opportunities at NSRCEL 

Here’s congratulating the outgoing batch of Entrepreneurs from Cohort 12 of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Program! 

This month, we celebrated the growth of 99 entrepreneurs from across sectors such as Manufacturing, food-tech, media, life sciences, art, Enterprise Applications, and much more. The program enables established women entrepreneurs to scale their business ventures.  

We wish them the best of luck on their business endeavors ahead!

Meet the Champions 

What do you get when you bring together the power of networking and engagement? You build a community. 

NSRCEL Champions is an initiative through which we look to fuel people-driven engagement for the founders, by the founders.  The Champions will engage their local community of founders and bring them together to foster peer learning and growth. 

With 16 entrepreneurs across 8 cities in India, these NSRCEL Champions are all set to represent, engage, and bring together NSRCEL’s Community of Entrepreneurs. 

Stay tuned to this space to know how these founders Champion Community with NSRCEL!