CasaJoya is a clothing manufacturing company that also facilitates exports and imports to the retail apparel
and fashion industry. The venture started off with a complete focus on the textile trade and nurturing alliances with
the best players in town.

But, the team behind CasaJoya soon felt that they could expand their business and explore new horizons with entrepreneurs as suppliers and manufacturers. Founder Kanchan Garg built the foundation of CasaJoya from her basement, with a single tailor in hand, and now works with a team of around 150+ tailors. With her experiences as the CEO of Global Lifestyle and executive education in place, Kanchan has been active in the lifestyle industry and had also served as the National Marketing Head of SSIPL, an integrated sportswear company that has been in the business of manufacturing, retail & distribution of international sports & lifestyle brands including Levis, Nike, Dockers and other renowned brands of the world.

With a rich experience and interest in E-commerce, CasaJoya kickstarted its journey in 2012 with its maiden voyage into the
manufacturing space in 2013. CasaJoya’s production capacity is as high as 25,000 pieces per day, with their clientele
branched out to not only domestic but globally renowned brands, including BIBA, Roadster, and Myntra.

The Pandemic was a perilous situation for the world alike. While industries witnessed massive dips, CasaJoya was headed in a new direction. While the world was in a slump, CasaJoya worked towards sustaining its laborers with regular livelihood and employment opportunities by tapping into clothing trends that stayed in the loop with the uncertainties of the pandemic.

CasaJoya now supports fashion aspirants in creating their dream clothing brands from scratch – thus being the wind beneath their wings. Right from manufacturing to packaging, logistics, and more, CasaJoya is working towards bringing fashion visionaries to the fore.

With a booming business in place and the urge to explore the unexplored, Kanchan came across the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Program at NSRCEL. The program came in at the right time for CasaJoya and was in fact, a Goldmine of opportunities for the founder. The program helped Kanchan tap into a bird’s eye perspective in terms of her venture. This association with NSRCEL gave an impetus to the organization. The one-on-one sessions with faculty and mentors at NSRCEL, helped the company to strategize, and understand the importance of networking. Problem-solving is a critical aspect of leading an organization and requires a meticulous thought process. At Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women, CasaJoya was able to tap into insights and ask questions that truly mattered. Through the program, Kanchan, akin to our previous cohorts, was better equipped with a growth mindset conducive to learning and out-of-the-box thinking.

Today, Kanchan’s entrepreneurial pursuits have witnessed significant growth, and are is now emerging as a key player in the industry,

Further elaborating on her journey as an entrepreneur, Kanchan says “I cannot stress enough on the need for one to trust and hone their gut feeling. As an entrepreneur, your sixth sense can point out a lot more than you can imagine. It is important to take note of the fact that Observing is as important as Learning. Don’t worry about being a successful entrepreneur but work
toward being significant and the success will naturally follow.”