Encovate, a meticulous meld of ‘Encore’ and ‘Cultivate’

Subhra Banerjee, a hotel management graduate adorned with an experience of 15 years in the hospitality industry by working with notable brands such as Oberoi Hotels, Sahara Airlines and Yatra.com swears by her credence that the biggest competitive advantage of any organization is its people! This target-driven professional does not only preach but also practices this belief, through her establishment, Encovate.

Encovate, set up in 2016, offers performance solutions tailored to suit the requirements of customer-service businesses by enabling the workforce to realize their potential and develop their skill set, thereby accelerating the stride towards their ultimate objective.

With her heart always being set on “people development” and her mind intrigued by the idea of “bringing out the best in every individual”, Subhra, backed up by the gathered expertise over those strenuous years from starting as an associate to becoming a national head at Yatra.com, edged forward to create this people and performance development venture.

Subhra says, “Our proposition here is that training cannot be just a one-day affair, it is a continuous learning process.” Encovate participates with its organizations through a three-pronged approach; Learning and Development, Workplace Engagement and Process & Performance consulting. This three-pronged approach impacts not only the personnel but also the performance of the organization, making Encovate stand a class apart.

The “Encovate – NSRCEL” Happening

During Encovate’s intense forage for collaboration avenues and business incubators, acquaintance with NSRCEL was initiated by her spouse through the Women Start-up programme. Immensely amused by its’ offerings and support for women entrepreneurship, Subhra was determined to make association with NSRCEL.

Right from understanding of finances till formalizing the business pitch of Encovate, NSRCEL rendered the entrepreneurial knowledge needed to run a business through boot camps and tutelage sessions. Subhra’s mentors imparted the clarity of magnitude and direction Encovate demanded to vector towards its vision, for an idea without action is a dime a dozen!

She shares a few words of her incubatory wisdom, “Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey, accompanied by limitless problems. Don’t get stuck to one particular solution just because you like it, keep your options open and ever evolve your thinking!”


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