Learn, unlearn, and gear up for growth with Startup Essentials

NSRCEL through its many years has interacted with over 1,15,600 entrepreneurs and 1700+ Startups have been through its incubation and launchpad programs combined. 
Startup Essentials Week was a series of webinars that stimulated founder-focused learning through discussions on relevant topics such as scaling a business, the role of conversational messaging in the growth of a venture, new age banking for ventures and much more. 
Leading these webinars were our ecosystem partners from Paytm, Razorpay, Leadsquared, Amazon Web Services, Gupshup and Zoho. 

These partners are also featured on our Startup Kit – a collection of tools that ventures of NSRCEL gain access to at the pre-incubation stage. 
The startup environment is as daunting as it is dynamic. Founders take on the challenge of wearing multiple hats – from finances to operations and marketing – it all rests on their shoulders. So, how do one or two people manage so many functions and how do they ensure they do it well? 
It requires constant learning, mentoring, guidance, trial, error and so much more. This is where NSRCEL comes in, aiming to reduce this burden on founders by equipping them with mentorship and entrepreneurial hands-on education. The Startup Kit was created with this challenge of new founders in mind. 
This Startup Kit is a carefully curated set of services and has over 75+ partner tools that range from accounting services to customer support and communication. It was created to ensure that usual challenges faced by founders are promptly addressed through easier access to these platforms. The Startup Kit also provides free trials and credits for the tools and services present on it to ease the burden of acquiring memberships at the initial stage. 
We kicked off Startup Essentials Week with a webinar on ‘Simplifying Payments and Building Customer Centricity’ with Viswas Singh – General Manager, Paytm for Business. During the session, founders from ventures across India interacted with Viswas and gained important insights into how to build their payment gateways in a manner that incentivizes the customer and eases their overall buying process. 
Our partners at Lead squared covered the importance of digital transformation and how it can help founders overcome the challenges of high-velocity sales while highlighting the trend of consumer behaviour patterns that are uncovered through data collected through AI-ML driven models. 
Following this was a session by Amazon Web Services on ‘How to build and scale start-ups’ that uncovered the various verticals and prominent platforms that have been built through tools such as cloud computing and AWS (Amazon Web Services), it equipped the attendees with a better understanding of how they can utilize cloud computing services offered by companies like AWS to grow their ventures and improve business function. 
Startup Essentials Week ended with a bang with sessions from Gupshup and Zoho Corp – enlightening founders with the advantages of conversational messaging and how ventures can utilize it in various facets of their functioning. Zoho Corp led the session on how to incorporate IT resilience and scalability in a start-up’s business model, giving founders insightful information on how they can incorporate these tools into their business models based on their various needs – be it product-focused or service focused startups. 


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