Startup Journeys at NSRCEL – The Verb Dance Studio, Making Dance Possible For Everyone

The Verb Dance Studio, Making Dance Possible For Everyone

Dance First, Think Later. It’s the natural order – Samuel Becket

TheVerb Dance Studio is ready to make everyone dance by revolutionizing the way of learning dance through technology.The online dance studio, where anyone can take up classes on a subscription basis. They have accumulated the best dancers in the country under one roof. The dancers teach viapre-recorded structured classes where the class production is done by TheVerb.

The Acceleration from NSRCEL

As NSRCEL is the entrepreneurial activity hub, we bring start-ups, industry mentors, eminent academicians and researchers together at our Centre. Even Bharath Kumar, the co-founder of TheVerb Dance Studio says,“The startup ecosystem works as a great stimulus. Plus, great mentorship aids in problem solution and effective decision making”

The Curtain Raiser

Bharath, the Co-founder says, “We were three people who used to stay in a one bedroom house. We studied and worked in that small space.” They started everything from that small space. A few days later, they entered in the “Business Plan Competition” at IIMB. After they reached the final stage and they got an opportunity to get incubated at NSRCEL and they took the opportunity. Now, they have been with NSRCEL for three months.

The Calluses in the Journey

It was not a cake walk for TheVerb. They faced a dilemma before getting incubated at NSRCEL. They got incubated at another reputed institution where they would receive a huge amount of money just after incubation. Whereas NSRCEL scrutinizes the idea first and then you get the investment. According to Bharath Kumar, the Co-founder of The Verb,“It was a tough call to make but we don’t regret it at all”

NSRCEL Adds Rhythm to The Tempo

As they started in a small one bedroom apartment, infrastructure was a complication. That’s where NSRCEL works as a catalyst. They have an incredible space to work on the campus and with the necessary amenities like Internet, working environment, remarkable mentors for guidance and the curated start-up work culture which helps them learn different things from fellow incubators.

Plié of the Mentors at NSRCEL

TheVerb’s core teams are skilled engineers and even better dancers but with an initial knowledge of Marketing, Finance or Sales. That’s where the mentors came onto the scene. The complete guidance package with a vast amount of knowledge helped them learn how a business and start-ups work.

Bharath Kumar says, “The mentors have a vast amount of experience but we, on the other hand, have only 1 or 2 years of experience. So, while talking to them about the amount of knowledge that they transferred was in surplus. From the Do’s and Don’ts of the business to the website layout, the mentors were a great deal of help.”

The team is seven members strong. As a part of the economy, The Verb Dance is creating job opportunities for freshers.

Final Thoughts

Bharath said, “Start-ups are not about working like a robot. You have to take up things, work, be responsible for it and learn from it. That’s what makes up a startup work environment the best”

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