A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart – Jonathan Swift

In a world where there are billionaires who mention, “My father gave me a small loan of million dollars to start out”, there are also confident high-flyers such as Charith G Kashyap who imply that right choices, a vision of higher purpose and strong ethics are prime investments for any business. Being a first-generation entrepreneur, he contests in this uphill battle with a “greater good” outlook of levitating the sales numbers of MSMEs in the e-commerce ecosystem, having sown the seeds, for the robust growing Selvitate, a start-up too daring to take off without any financial capital.

Selvitate, your sales engine!

Charith was drawn to the growing potential of the Indian e-commerce market where a large number of brands are plunging in deep at an accelerated pace to reach out to an extensive range of consumers. He noticed the struggle of micro, small and medium sized enterprises to compete against the international giants due to their divided time and attention on individual sales operations whereas the bigger brands have long gone got those divisions all covered.

Insistent on fabricating a solution, Charith along with his friend Ruthvic launched Selvitate with a notion to provide a consolidated platform that takes care of all the online sales requirements so that the sellers can have a full-on focus on strategy formulation and implementation to establish a stronger market presence. Selvitate’s facet of functioning both as a SaaS (Software as a Service) model and a service-support makes it a rare-find among competitors.

NSRCEL, a hand-holding

Charith came into contact with NSRCEL through his friend, who knew this incubator would be the perfect place to nurture Selvitate. NSRCEL extended the enlightenment and the sustenance needed for a first-time entrepreneurship journey to Selvitate. In addition to being a hand-holding while tackling problems, NSRCEL also provided Charith and Ruthvic with opportunities to create a strong network and grow extensively.

With a radiant hopeful smile, he says, “Selvitate is going to stand by young entrepreneurs on the journey towards a common goal, a five trillion dollar Indian economy.”


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