Adopt a powerful communication strategy for your Startup

The communication workshop at NSRCEL by Prof Rakesh Godhwani, Adjunct Faculty,Management Communication at IIMB opens up a world of whole new possibilities for the entrepreneurs.

Most startup founders, especially those working in tech, pay too much attention to the technical aspect of their product, working under the impression that people will be able to understand their product the same way as they do.

Given that competition is always increasing, and companies with similar offerings are launched in the region all the time, how entrepreneurs communicate and pitch about their products has become more crucial than ever.

Prof. Godhwani is an entrepreneur as well. He is the founder of School of Meaningful Experiences, an online ed-tech startup in Bangalore. His research and teaching interests focus on how a charismatic leader builds a persuasive message to impact audiences. He has authored four books and has launched his online course on EdX and IIMBx called “Effective Business Communication” designed for learners around the world. Besides this, Dr. Godhwani also has his own podcast called “Plunnge” which is available on Spotify, Google, Apple Podcast apps.

In his session, he covered the importance of a great pitch. Most of the time, we think we know how to behave and communicate, and don’t really take the time to think about it. But it can have a direct impact on your business.

You should have a clear strategy in mind from day 1 Ask yourself; “How do I want people to perceive me, look at me and experience me as a founder and as a company?

You might have a great idea, but to give it a shape you are going to require an “A” team. If you want to convince a professional person to join you in building your startup, you need to make it as welcoming as possible. People with the right skills and attitude usually have lots of options available to them, so anything you can do to impress them is worth the effort!

A good pitch with a purpose does a lot more than just promoting your startup. Even if you already have partners or co-founders in place, preparing a pitch deck will help make sure that you all have the same understanding. Additionally, it is likely to make your vision more concrete and help you stay motivated during difficult times.

The original purpose of a pitch, however, is to present to attract investors to your startup. A well-formed pitch gives a great ‘first impression’ about your startup to the investors. Its a great way to get noticed if you are looking for funding now or have a great recall value when you often need some in the future.

There is a difference in strategizing communication for decks to send vs. decks to present.The former needs to ‘fill in’ for you yet get the idea across with the same emotion or charisma that you would offer, or wish to offer. The latter should complement you and back you up when you are facing the crowd.

Today is the age of creating and selling experiences. Rather than a presentation, give your audiences an experience during your pitch that lets them connect on an emotional level then and there.

Being approachable and supportive is what inspires all his fellow members. It is a great opportunity for any startup to be mentored by him.

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