Anirudh Narayan, Growth Hacker Meets NSRCEL, An Entrepreneurship Development Centre

Learning is a continuous process. Especially if you are a startup gaining momentum in the market. Learning new things can open doors and that’s exactly what happened at the Growth hacking session with Anirudh Narayan at NSRCEL campus.

A little about Anirudh, he is an avid traveller with a passion to learn and teach new things. He has worked with more than 350 entrepreneurs and startups in countries like USA, India, Latin America and Africa. With his exhaustive knowledge of Digital Marketing, he assisted these companies with User Acquisition, User Retention and Funnel Optimization. Growthspartan is where you understand his passion for Marketing.

Anirudh and NSRCEL joining forces

The up and coming startups at NSRCEL are actively building their company. They have all the skills to build a startup but very little digital marketing knowledge. That’s when NSRCEL, the technology incubation centre and Anirudh, a Digital Marketing maestro joined hands to train these fresh entrepreneurs in Digital Marketing making it beneficial for them to grow an online presence and drive revenue.

What happens at NSRCEL, Spreads everywhere

The session began with high energy songs played by Anirudh in the background to pump everyone up. Then came the one-on-one time with him. He spoke with each and every startup about their complications personally, sharing everything he knows. He listened and gave customized solutions to everyone.

With years of expertise and accumulated knowledge, he had prepared a power-point presentation which had all the Digital marketing knowledge at one place.

He began with “Reverse Engineering Growth”. He thoroughly explained about the tools that can assist in Keyword Research. Anirudh even spoke about listing out 5 competitors and the process of analyzing them. Focusing on learning from your competitors, Anirudh explained to learn how your competitors write and be better than them in content quality and the length of the content.

Tools for your Digital Marketing Shed

His vast knowledge of tools and their implementation is what left everyone awe-struck. Questions were thrown at him on the usage of the tools but he answered each and every one of those queries covering multiple facets. This shows his mastery over the tools.

According to him, tools are fundamental because without tools you cannot do the research required to get quality results. He gave a brief about tools like SpyFu, Keyword Everywhere and SEMRush. These are the tools that he personally uses and has used in the past to help the aforementioned 350 startups he has worked with.

Questions that give Answers

Anirudh emphasized on forums such as Quora. He spoke about a brand that shall remain nameless. With Anirudh’s aid, that brand went from Zero sales to a $100K a month in sales in 9 months. He gives all the credit to Quora.

Answering twice a day, he was able to drive sales for the brand. He says you have to divide Quora into three sections if you want to drive eyes to your product or services.

  1. Primary       – According to your Business.
  2. Secondary     – According to your Industry.
  3. Tertiary       – Personal.

He further says that you have to answer like a thought leader. You can miss this opportunity by answering like a layman.

The Takeaway

Digital Marketing is crucial for all businesses. NSRCEL, the technology incubation centre took an initiative to teach Digital Marketing to its ventures one of the most important things to survive in the market. You don’t have to be the master of Digital Marketing to succeed online. With a little bit of knowledge and guidance you can start and with time you will gain mastery of the subject.


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