Bringing Entrepreneurs and Alums together – in memory of a friend.

The IIMB Class of 1992 came together to give back to its Alma mater and mark the silver jubilee year. This laid foundation to the “Jeetu Jain Ideation room” at NSRCEL in memory of Jeetu Jain (Class of 1992). Jeetu Jain was the creative maverick of the batch. His ideas were matched in equal measure by his energy and enthusiasm, truly brought alive thinking out of the box.

The Class of 1992 offered to take masterclass sessions on marketing, technology, fundraising among other things for the ventures being incubated at NSRCEL. This initiative aimed at connecting IIMB alums with a select set of entrepreneurs who are likely to benefit from the particular workshop. Their business acumen, industry insights, and knowledge have been a great value-add for the ventures.Sadhguru was one of Jeetu Jain’s closest associate. His visit to the NSRCEL commemorates the first anniversary of the Jeetu Jain Ideation Room and a year of the “Alumni Master Class” which has already impacted over a 100 start-ups at NSRCEL.
Throughout the year there were sessions conducted by various industry experts, entrepreneurs and investors from the ’92 batch.

The sessions were intended to help budding entrepreneurs seek inputs,The sessions were intended to help budding entrepreneurs seek inputs, acquire greater knowledge and build clarity. The Topics of every session intended to target a specific challenge in the early stages of a start-up. This initiative was kicked off by the class of ’92 and is open to Alums of all batches to be part of this growing start-up ecosystem and experience the joy of giving back.

We would like to thank the following people for all their support towards nurturing NSRCEL start-ups:

  • Anuradha Narasimhan – Former CMO Britannia
  • Vasan Subramanian – CTO Accel Partners
  • Sanjiv Singhal – Founder & COO Scripbox
  • Gagan Kumar – Former partner Accel
  • Prashant Goyal – General Partner & COO Forum Synergies PE Fund
  • Ved Prakash – Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) at Trianz
  • Thomas Xavier – Transformer at Transformer Creative Business Advisory
  • Deependra Mathur – VP & Head, Compensation Benefits and International
    Centers at Infosys BPO
  • Anamika Chakravarthy – Wellness Coach
  • Subhash Dhar – Co-Founder Commence Mint Ventures
  • Class of ‘92

In Memory of
Jeetu Jain 1966-2017
(Author, Maverick, Volunteer, Mentor and a Friend)


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