Building the colour Palette

Anthill Creations a part of our social incubation program is making playgrounds more accessible to children from underprivileged backgrounds.

Over the last one year everyone who visited NSRCEL was accustomed to seeing the anthill tyres in a selected colour scheme of dark bright colours. However, last month we not only saw the colour palette moving towards pastel colours, but the product variety had also increased.

We reached out to Pooja and Nancy to know more about the change. Turns out there are a bunch of surprises.

Francis, a father of three reached out to Anthill. He had three spare tyres and wanted the company to build fun and colourful stools for each one of them. He was very particular about the colours and wanted them in maroon, pink and blue as they were the favourite colours of his children.

Since the particular product was made for a younger age group, the company had to be extra careful so that the kids wouldn’t be able to put their hands through the ropes. This led to an evolution of the product and experimented with the weaving.

They began using cotton ropes instead of nylon ropes because they are much more durable, stronger, and comfortable. Keeping the user requirement in mind, the product now is moved a notch higher. The company has built stools, chairs and tables with tyres and is loved by adults and young both. While the kids love the bright colours the adults prefer the lighter tones.

The good news is that Anthill is now looking to sell these stools, price varying between Rs. 1200-1500 for a stooll that lasts for roughly two years.


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