DigiSec360: Enabling organisations to be safe in cyberspace


“One single vulnerability is all an attacker needs” – CSO, Fastly

Where can this vulnerability come from? “People, Process and even Technology” that is what Nanda Chougule, founder of DigiSec360 emphasizes! Hence to be safe in this cyber-unsafe world, we need to work on all three.

Most of us would have come across a cyber-security threat event, either first-hand or to an individual or a business being impacted. One cybercrime is committed every 10 minutes in India. One such incident led Nanda to plunge into the cyber security domain, take a stand and do something worthwhile. Her resolve was to help the unguarded! Neena, her colleague at Samsung from her previous years of employment together set on this journey of keeping digital India cyber-safe!

Nanda is a Computer Engineer with 18 years of experience in technology management and Neena holds a master’s degree from IIT and currently pursuing her PhD in Internet governance from IIMB.

Journey till now..

As the journey started with a note of personal experience, they passionately followed cyber-crimes against individuals. With a strong technical background combined with rigorous ground work, they helped cyber-victims as well as the law-enforcement agencies. Providing standardized template for ease of filing complaint to creating dashboards for better monitoring of cyber-crimes which can help the law-enforcement agencies in targeted campaigns.

DigiSec360 moved on to the second most vulnerable segment, SMEs as their solutions were valued and needed more in business setting. Considering SME’s limited resources and constrained capability of being able to afford full-fledged security resources, they come up with a strong repertoire of services and products to cater to the cyber-security needs of organizations after meticulous research.

Over a period of 6 months, they expanded their portfolio of services and products to target the three tenets of cyber-secure organizations. They provided cyber-security awareness training to employees, framed process and policies for organizations for compliance and offered technology solutions for vulnerability assessments and management. Today DigiSec360 is enabling organizations to manage cyber threats effectively with their comprehensive solutions.


The association with NSRCEL which opened gates to a world of friends with intense mentorship sessions encouraged Nanda to take part in the Women Start-up Program. The experiences at the incubation centre, however, surpassed all expectations. NSRCEL helped her to convert her passion into business though MVP and early customer traction, thereby laying a strong foundation for DigiSec360.

Right from pricing to branding to marketing, the mentors stood through thick and thin. They say that some of the suggestions were simple yet so powerful that it surprised the founders of having overlooked them. But then, that’s what mentors are for! The Centre has also been instrumental in forging strategic partnership with an Israel cyber-security firm.

In addition to mentors, their acquaintances and friends have made this journey quite better. And yes, they took this incubation as an enormous opportunity to earn more customers. In her own words, Nanda articulate the lesson that she learnt, “The journey of converting a passionate idea into sustainable business has an exponential learning curve. We are relishing this experience!”


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