Fig-O-Honey, diapering now made friendly to the environment!

Did you know that if Christopher Columbus wore diapers, they would still be rotting in a landfill somewhere, not yet decomposed?

The one thing that every parent wants for their baby is for the baby to be safe and the first item that is often purchased for a newborn baby is, diapers.

But did you know –

1. There are more than 50 harmful chemicals present in diapers that have been linked with long term endocrinal and hormonal issues ?
2. Babies that wear disposable diapers go through at least 2 painful episodes of diaper rash on an average, at such a delicate age!
3. If you were to collect all the waste that is generated by diapering a single child, it would make a small mountain about 7 feet high!

We created Fig-O-Honey to provide parents a chemical-free, rash-free, safe diapering alternative. We make reusable diapers that are made entirely from cloth and are leakproof, waterproof. Fig-O-Honey diapers grow with the baby and come in a range of cute prints and colors.

In terms of impact, we have collectively prevented 8 lakh disposable diapers from
going to the landfills.

Our goal is to make cloth diapering a mainstream diapering choice. We are
incubated at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore.


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