How this Startup is Transforming Support Systems with India’s First Social Network for Health and Wellness

In a world where information is abundant, but credibility is scarce, navigating health concerns can often feel overwhelming. Amidst this challenge, emerged a platform designed to empower individuals on their healthcare journey – Duuet. 

Duuet, a startup from Cohort 23 of Launchpad, is not just another social network; it’s a space where individuals grappling with health issues, from chronic illnesses like cancer and diabetes to mental health disorders like anxiety and depression, can find support and information contributed by others who might have experienced similar situations all under one virtual roof. 

The brainchild of founders Rishov Mondal and Dr. Pallavi, a seasoned gynecologist and obstetrician, Duuet is set to become India’s answer to the need for a reliable healthcare community. But what sets Duuet apart from the plethora of health forums out there? 

An Idea Takes Root 

The genesis of Duuet lies in the personal struggles of one of the founders, Rishov. The relentless quest for credible information amidst the chaos of online resources led him to envision a platform where individuals could find solidarity in shared experiences and access vetted medical insights. 

Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers 

At its core, Duuet is more than just a social network; it’s a safe space for those looking for support, empathy, and encouragement when grappling with health challenges. With a user base already surpassing 2000 within just one month of its launch, Duuet has swiftly become a sanctuary for individuals seeking authentic connections and credible guidance. 

From Vision to Reality 

The journey of Duuet from ideation to implementation has been nothing short of extraordinary. Guided by the mentorship of Launchpad, the team transformed a concept into a tangible solution poised to redefine the healthcare landscape, one connection at a time

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