Necessity is the “mother” of invention, of all kinds!

It’s only natural for the mothers to take the best of care of their dearest darlings, to nurture and protect them from all kinds of harm and threats. However pesky mosquitoes and nettlesome insects have always been common nemeses to the entirety of parents around the world. One mother took things a little further by originating Armour Technology, a formula that treats fabric for instigating insect repellency, replacing the traditional methods of repellent creams and sprays. Shreshtha Bhutra thusly proves the time-honored confidence that nothing is as strong as a mother’s resolve.

Clothing Innovation, a stance against pestering torments

Clothing Innovation, an Indore-based startup took form in the year 2017, built on the toil and exertion of Shreshtha Bhutra and co-founder Mayur Malpani. In addition to the formulation of Armour Technology, Clothing Innovation has its line of insect-repellent fabrics and apparels for children and adults.

Reinforced with an MBA degree from SCMLD, Pune and a comprehensive experience of working in the apparel manufacturing sector, Shreshtha possessed the brains and brawns to take Clothing Innovation a notch higher. After almost a year and half of intense research, the duo developed Armour Insect Repellent Technology, which ensures that the treated fabric repels insects such as mosquitoes, flies, ticks, chiggers, ants and no-see-ums. The treatment endures a maximum of 50 washes and is used to treat bed sheets, curtains and drapes as well, guaranteeing an odorless and non-toxic process.

Shreshtha does bring about an innovation in clothing!

Innovation meets Incubation

As an eager participant of Expo organized by IIM-Indore, Shreshtha was impelled by the driven talk of Professor Sunder on Women Entrepreneurship. Amazed by the overwhelming aura of the startup community, she decided to become a part of WSP, a cohort that made her stand “apart”.

Her passion being fuelled by the inventive and resourceful mentoring of NSRCEL’S advisors, Shreshtha gained a coherent outlook about the mission and vision of Clothing Innovation. Interactive sessions furnished with counsel and guidance from industry experts provided her with the imperative business insights.

“Shed your inhibitions and remember that sales can be done anywhere and everywhere!” says the effervescent entrepreneur.


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