Spaciux: Designing an ecosystem for architects

Minal Dubey, the woman behind Spaciux, one of India’s largest online platforms connecting interior designers and architects with homeowners and commercial establishments, has always been a woman who kept her dreams bigger than her doubts.

Being an architect herself, Minal was not too pleased with the exposure and encouragement received by Indian architects for their hard work and accomplishments. Her passion for architecture and her innate helpful personality prompted Minal Dubey to design and bring to life her very own brand, Spaciux.

Since Spaciux is a one-of-a-kind initiative in the architecture market, architects took a long time to warm up to the idea. Minal says that many feared that their designs might end up being plagiarised or imitated once they get showcased on a public platform.

The women startup program at NSRCEL, IIMB offered recognition and validation to her idea of Spaciux. Interaction with more than a hundred of powerful women gave her the inner strength, support and motivation to keep on working on her plan of action and never stop believing in her idea.

With NSRCEL’s support, she was able to build a good network of architects, designers and photographers. As days went by and as they witnessed a considerable rise in the leads generated along with the recognition they received, they finally realised that the idea was worth it after all.

Entrepreneurial journey is full of challenges, excitement, surprises, and sometimes disappointments too. WSP gave support to Spaciux in all terms, be it tangible assets such as physical space or intangible assets such as focused mentoring by NSRCEL experts, WSP nourished this startup in all essential ways.

Spaciux, recently also received funding for expansion of processes.

Minal Dubey extends a special note of gratitude to mentors Prof.Sunil Handa and Naga Prakasam for having helped her throughout this journey.

Spaciux is looking to expand over the next few years which include architectural Blogs and newsletters covering the events and happenings in the Architectural Industry.

It aims to make an exhaustive network of architectural photographers, all over India so that any request anywhere can be instantly taken care of with meticulous expertise. Apart from that, Spaciux will also be seen occupying the OTT media space through various platforms such as Amazon, Netflix and many more.

Spaciux does intend on revamping the architecture coliseum of India.

With a modest confident smile she says, “I wish to expand Spaciux across India and maybe then, I shall consider myself a ‘little’ successful”. Minal’s advice to other women entrepreneurs, “Do not doubt yourself too much. It can be overwhelming, it definitely will be. But, trust yourself and your idea. Don’t stop and keep going”.


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