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Shambhavi Naik, a sedulous research scientist who was at the helm of supply management for four laboratories of the National Centre for Biological Sciences in Bangalore, was appalled to witness the pain and peril of the delayed procurement process, a persistent hindrance predominant in the Indian laboratories.

Through her deep-seated connections with scientists from various countries, she was awakened to the intense impact of delayed supplies on the productivity of the entire Indian research community. That’s when she rolled up her sleeves and decided to become a knight in shining armor for those scientists who face the wrath of a flawed material management system.

CloudKrate, revolutionizing supply management

Shambhavi’s tedious efforts in unearthing the underlying reasons for delayed procurement led to a surprising discovery, the causes were sprouted from both sides of the supply, the laboratories and suppliers. Her far reaching experience in working with a diverse range of laboratories in the two countries, India and UK, armored her with the power and potentiality to develop a common solution to such a plethora of problems.

CloudKrate is a coming-on-strong tech startup, offering a platform built exclusively for the Indian research communities to help them better manage supply procurement at favorable costs. Its three modules, inventory, supplier catalogs and order managements, enable CloudKrate to become a one-stop solution for managing laboratory supplies.

The CloudKrate platform furthermore places the Indian distributors of life science products on a pedestal by providing them with a common space to bring their catalogs, live pricing, latest sales offers to the customers.

NSRCEL, a lucky draw!

Fortune favours the brave, and also the people who muster up the grit to change their daily- newspaper. Shambhavi’s decision to switch over to Deccan Herald fetched the golden ticket to NSRCEL, the first copy of her daily held an article about the much-acclaimed Goldman Sachs Women Startup program. One good read and things took a turn for the better and bigger!

NSRCEL training sessions ministered to her needs to culminate business knowledge and enlarge her network range. She says that her mentors did a commendable job in politely pulverizing her substandard plans as well as encouragingly help her build on her cogent innovative solutions. After all, what are mentors for?

With a buoyant tone she says, “While establishing a startup, every day is different – there are various highs and lows, it is critical to take one day at a time and continue to make progress!”


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