Twenty Six startups onboarded as part of Mobility Incubation

The Mobility cohort at NSRCEL was launched in partnership with Maruti Suzuki India Limited, to support early-stage startups in the Mobility space. The current Mobility Startup Incubation is the first of its kind here at NSRCEL. Ventures selected under this program will go through a pre-incubation period for 3 months post which potential ventures will be incubated at NSRCEL for the next 6 months.

We had over 420 ventures apply for the mobility program out of which 120 ventures were handpicked to pitch to us. Through careful evaluation and expert scrutiny, 26 companies have been selected for our pre-incubation.

Blinkin Technologies | Computer Vision
An AI-powered self-service system powered by a Virtual Agent. Used for spare parts/accessory detection that identifies specific objects and creates sales opportunities

Regeno Ventures Pvt Ltd | Sustainability
Alternative packaging solution to replace single-use plastic pouches & bags in the automotive parts packaging. Made from tapioca starch & vegetable oil derivatives which is Biodegradable and compostable.

Garage on Road | Vehicle Services
Building a marketplace where Users & Garages can be digitally empowered to connect to conduct business with transparency, Access to Capital and Quality of Services.

Pinmicro | Asset Tracking
Assist Plus is a Bluetooth based location and activity analysis solution that provides effective real-time insight into every aspect of business operation, including employee productivity, functional efficiency and resource optimization

Gypsee automotive | Insuretech
Gypsee is an AI-driven connected car application that rewards users for practicing safe driving and saving lives. It is an earn-as-you-drive motor insurance policy with risk-based pricing and up to 30% payback on policy premium.

ClearQuote Technologies India Pvt Ltd | Computer Vision
Instantly assess damages and generate repair estimates based on smartphone images or videos. Standardized estimates generated without skilled assessors

KulDew Technologies Private Limited | Shared Mobility
KulDew Cloud can help digitize the unorganized Car rental Ecosystem where prices will be governed by Marketplace and not a single operator

Automovill Technologies Pvt Ltd | Vehicle Services
A hassle-free and transparent web/app-based service for car repair/routine, maintenance and used car evaluation

Gordian Technologies Private Limited | Logistics
Secure Hyperlocal delivery service using an IoT-based box with OTP unlocking & GPS tracking.

Preventive surveillance through aerial tracking and optimization platform using autonomous drones

ALLMILES | Shared Mobility
App based integrated multi-modal public transport solution with 2W, 3W, Passenger Cars & Buses to provide end to end connectivity

Beebox Studios Private Limited | AR/VR
Digital showrooms, personnel training, visual debugging of machines using digital twin and interactive 3D user manual

HyCube Works Private Limited | 3D Printing
ALPI Series of 3D Printer For Polymers and Metals: A Single 3D Printer For All Materials in Polymers and Metals which is Industry 4.0 Ready. Helps in Product Design To Prototype, Ability To Use Wide Range of Materials and Effectively Manage On-Demand Production

Pi R Square Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd | Parking Management
Smart parking solution to predict the real-time occupancy of available parking slots with the help of plug n play sensors, indoor/outdoor navigations and a centrally managed app for both the parking space owner and the customer.

Swaayatt Robots | Autonomous Mobility
Deep Energy Maps (DEM): An all-terrain perception algorithm for detecting feasible navigable regions for autonomous vehicles, using only a monocular camera. Single set of apparatus works for all environments.

ValetEZ | Parking Management
Smart parking management connected to various stakeholders like public transport stations, residential buildings, On-Street parking, operators and end-users in real-time (LogIQ Labs Pvt Ltd) | Logistics
Integrated Multi-Carrier & cloud-based shipping solution, warehouse management system with services like Shipping, Rates, Labels, Digital LR Copy Tracking & ePOD to eliminate manual efforts

Svan Autotech Pvt Ltd | Spare parts Marketplace
End to end business solution (CRM) for multi-brand/local workshops to enhance customer experience and B2B Pre-owned car module integrating organised (car dealers) & unorganised segments (workshops/brokers)

NewTrace | AI/ML
End-to-end solution for accelerating new material discovery and testing. Seamlessly fits into a workflow, builds and updates material database leading to faster product development

Rays Aviation Technologies LLP | Drones
Drone-Tech startup with an idea to manufacture Drones in India that can change the Indian RPAS Industry with affordable and latest technology

otopark Technological Services Pvt. Ltd. | Parking Management
Smart parking management system with dedicated sensors, real-time parking inventories, integrated payment, EV charging and advanced analytics

Series 5 | SDM
Software-Defined Marketing (SDM) platform that helps advertisers to effectively monetize their spend through Cloud-based Actionable Content Delivery for Offline & Broadcast Media. Also provides AR for training and vehicle accessorizing

True Consultancy Assistive Technology | Assistive Tech
Enables disability inclusion for people with partial, limited or reduced mobility through their assistive seating technology

Builds customized connected electric powertrains to help light EV (2W, 3W and 4W) manufacturers shorten their time to market

EngineCAL Technology Pvt Ltd | Vehicle Services
They build Hybrid AI engines by combining ML and a rule-based expert system. EngineInsight® is a patent-pending product for prognostics/preventive maintenance which brings businesses genuine additional revenue and car owners customer delight.

CarPod | Speaker/OBD output
Plug & Play voice assistant (smart speaker) for 2W, 3W, PVs & Commercial vehicles with a low cost (INR 1500 unit price). The option of connecting vehicle diagnostics OBD device with the speaker also exists.


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